SMART pallets transform supply chain management.
SMART pallets continually collect and transmit critical information using state-of-the-art IoT sensors and a proprietary hybrid of cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. Each pallet talks to a central, cloud-based server that can be easily accessed online by key personnel.
We are always connected to your product.

Supply Chain Management - SMART Pallet Connectivity - Pallet Tracking

1. Automated tracking and ETA updates: Get regular location and ETA updates that allow stakeholders to determine precise routes and arrival times.
2. Route optimization: Transportation managers can access the data they need to see the big picture and optimize routes across multiple locations.
3. Better inventory planning: Know the exact location and quantities of specific products so you can maintain leaner inventories.
4. Environment monitoring: Temperature sensors provide early warning of “hot” trucks and loads that need to be checked.
5. Recall management: In a recall, you can better locate affected product and see its full production history.
6. Driver monitoring: Fleet managers can get accurate data about transit times and locations to improve policy compliance.

Supply Chain Management - SMART Pallet Connectivity - Monitoring

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