Find cash in the most unlikely places. 

Finance returnable packaging racks and free up capital.

As an innovator in managing returnable packaging assets, SMART Logistics provides financing solutions that recognize the value of typically unappreciated transport racks. We’ll help you see racks as long-term, mission critical assets that can be leveraged, and power them with IoT technology to make them more productive.

Cash for your racks

SMART works with CFOs and operational personnel to develop sale/leaseback programs with flexible term lengths and monthly payments. Free up capital to invest elsewhere and, once powered with tracking, enjoy a higher performing asset with no cash outlay.

Always-on rack monitoring

Small, durable SMART tags on every rack make continuous tracking practical, no matter where the racks are located. Your team will know how many racks you have, and how to get them back from the field quickly and economically.

Scale your rack inventory

Seasonal production needs can significantly change the rack inventory you need. A rental solution provides flexibility and optimizes production capacity.

Shipping sustainability

Trackable returnable packaging racks financed through SMART Logistics is the modern, environmentally accountable solution. Fewer racks are required to support operations and rack inventory can be better balanced, requiring less transportation for repositioning assets.

SMART Logistics personnel are experts in financing reusable transport packaging assets. Contact us to learn more.

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