Introducing Integrated Composite Products.


The key to this breakthrough in composites is “Selective Reinforcement” (patent pending) invented by Integrated Composite Products (ICP). ICP is a composite technology innovator founded in 2013 by Ron Hawley and Derek Mazula. It’s a well-funded, privately-held company headquartered in Winona, Minnesota.


Ron Hawley has brought innovation to the composite industry for 45 years, and has a string of patents to prove it. All are composite technologies relating to the use of fiber to reinforce resins.

  • Developed extrusion compounding in 1969
  • Developed Long Fiber Thermoplastics (LFT) in 1979
  • Developed Direct In-Line Compounding (D-LFT) in 1989
  • Developed “Pushtrusion” in 1999
  • Developed ICP Advanced Fiber Reinforcement in 2013

Ron’s technology has already revolutionized the auto industry.  Ron is ICP’s Chief Science Officer and is the driving force behind Selective Reinforcement technology.

Derek is an experienced manufacturing executive holding a variety of roles at Scott Paper, Fingerhut, and General Electric.  He also has a track record of success commercializing composite technologies at 3 start-ups: Geotek, Composite Products Inc., and now ICP. Derek holds a BS from Iowa State University and and MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Derek is the CEO of ICP and focuses on design, manufacturing, and business development.

The weaknesses of wood pallets. 

If you study composites, you’ll see they break in predictable ways.

ICP has spent 3 years studying the ways pallets break, both in our lab and in the toughest material handling environments.

Our in-depth understanding of pallet weaknesses and threats in real use is crucial to developing stronger, more resilient pallets made from composites.

How we build the strongest, lightest pallets.

We applied our proprietary Advanced Fiber Reinforcements (AFRs)(patent pending) in exactly the right places. AFRs are rods and meshes made from glass fibers in various lengths. They are added to a lightweight thermoplastic called High-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is used to make plastic bottles, pipes, and plastic lumber.

There are different AFR types built into Tension members, Structural members, and Impact members. Each plays a different reinforcing role. When added to resin in the molding process, they structurally increase the strength, rigidity, and impact resistance of plastic. The exact right amount of fiber is located in exactly the right places.


This article in CompositesWorld magazine discusses this revolutionary technology.

Malnati, Peggy. 2016, April). “Selective reinforcements boost “commodity” composite properties” . CompositesWorld. (online)

This technology dramatically increases the engineer’s ability to fine-tune the strength-to-weight-cost balance. Every part is optimized for the threats and strains it faces.

Help us create the exact design for your business.

This technology allows us to design for very specific applications.  If you know exactly the design that you want, we can optimize the construction to match.  If you just know the outcome you seek, then we will design it with you.  Let us apply our expertise and technology to create the exact solution for your business.

The bottom line for your bottom line.

This is a revolutionary pallet that provides massive performance benefits—at minimal cost.

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