Turn ordinary equipment into powerful data-generating tools.

Losing track of transport packaging assets can disrupt a facility’s daily production schedule and result in significant costs. With SMART Asset Tracking software, you can receive real-time transmissions from each rack, bin or pallet your company owns, ships or stores. SMART’s highly efficient technology platform makes real-time management of often-overlooked transport packaging assets easy and cost effective.

SMART Asset Tracking connectivity and software generates actionable information to:

Pinpoint the location of product handling assets.

Monitor asset inventory to ensure it supports daily production schedule.

Verify product handling assets are properly maintained and ready for use.

SMART lets you track any type of reusable transport packaging.

Our technology is designed to monitor reusable transport packaging assets for virtually any manufacturing application, and industries ranging from construction to food and beverage, oil & gas, automotive, electronics and more.




Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)


Specialized Packaging

Always on connectivity.

Unlike other industrial IoT systems, SMART makes monitoring material handling assets practical with affordable equipment, and an architecture that uses power and data highly efficiently. The key is Multiple Mode Processing–a proprietary hybrid of cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. Our SMART Tags optimize to the least power and data intensive communication mode in real-time, driving down monitoring costs while enabling continuous contact in any environment, even while in transit.

Uses Minimal Tech Infrastructure

Monitor in Facility or Field

Cost efficient monitoring in any environment

Power savings: SMART Tags have a multi-year battery life in an ultra-compact form factor.

Data savings: 95% lower data usage versus pure cellular solutions.

Seamless Coverage: Maintains connection on the road and inside your facility.

Actionable analytics at your fingertips.

The SMART View analytics portal integrates all data generated by our tags into a configurable dashboard allowing personnel to monitor and optimize supply chain operations. You’ll be able to actively manage your transport packaging equipment, and the valuable inventory being carried, driving productivity and cost savings.

Manage asset location, inventory and more.

Easy access through web portal

Configurable dashboard to track priority metrics

Proactively manage utilization and costs

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