Smart Logistics utilizes cutting edge technologies in a secure, on-line environment to realize efficiencies and reduce costs for both our shippers and carrier partners alike.  The benefits our shippers experience usually take one of two forms:

  • improved shipping options, or
  • reduced level of effort to manage freight operations

Whether the benefit is improved options or reduced level of effort, Smart Logistics leverages technology to maximize the value of both at every step of the shipping process.

Real Time Quoting

Choose the best carrier from a host of good options based on carrier price, transit time, assessorial fees and carrier performance.  In seconds Smart brings to your computer screen the ability to select the right carrier for each load based on your needs, every time.

On-line Dispatching, Documentation & Tracking

Calling carriers to book freight over the phone takes time.  Manually filling out shipping forms like Bills of Lading takes time.  Sifting through forms to find the right information to track a shipment takes time.  Spending too much time managing your freight costs your company money and limits the amount of work you’re able to accomplish.

With Smart Logistics, booking freight is a simple matter of mouse clicks and documentation is automatically generated, saving you time and your company money on every shipment.

Claims Processing

Several recent national surveys have found that the average US shipper files fewer than 45% of eligible claims due to freight damage by their carrier.  The obvious question is why?  The surprising answer is because the claims process is often too protracted and labor intensive for shippers to be cost effective.  At Smart logistics we take the effort out of claims and, using our systems, manage the process for you.

Systems Integration

Our technologies are easily integrated with the accounting and traffic management systems of our customers.  In this manner we can further reduce the need for redundant effort and operations.