Revolutionary SMART pallets.
The weight of plastic.
The strength of steel.
SMART pallets weigh less than 50 pounds, are up to four times stronger than wood pallets, and because they can be easily repaired and last longer, they’re more cost effective. They’re also embedded with intelligent sensors that let you monitor products and shipments like never before.
SMART Pallet - Weighs under 50 pounds.
Weighs under 50 pounds, increasing transportation savings and employee safety.
SMART Pallet - Meets OSHA standards
Meets all OSHA standards and is easily cleaned.
SMART Pallet - Easily Carries Double GMA Load Standard of 2800 Pounds
Easily carries double the GMA load standard of 2,800 pounds.
SMART Pallet - Lasts 100 Times Longer Than Wood Pallet
Lasts 100 times longer than a wood pallet.