Track any type of remote asset anywhere in North America

The SMART system is a reliable end-to-end solution for virtually any type of reusable packaging asset. We are extremely service oriented, and expertly design each deployment around your business challenges and locations.

Do you experience these challenges with reusable packaging?

Asset Visibility

Plant operations managers have little control over asset inventory, location or expected return date. Assets are routinely “lost” in the field, causing inflated expense for replacements.

Production Efficiency

Daily production schedules can be compromised by lack of available packaging assets. Manual searches for assets are often necessary, followed by inefficient, rushed back hauls.

Customer Service

Packaging stock-outs lead to delayed shipments and missed deadlines. Sales teams waste time troubleshooting deliveries rather than meeting goals and nurturing relationships.

Industry Applications

The SMART solution is highly configurable to business need and use parameters. Below are some representative applications.


Manage extrusion packaging inventories and gain visibility throughout the supply chain.

Food & Beverage

Deploy SMART for cost effective location and condition monitoring of perishable shipments.


SMART is the leading rack monitoring partner to the glass industry, working with most of the largest manufacturers.


SMART helps specialty manufacturers assure asset availability, delivery to geofenced facilities and locate product in shipment.

Moving & Relocation

Use SMART to manage container utilization, inventory forecasting, condition status and much more.


When product integrity is not optional, count on SMART for cold chain control coupled with accurate location tracking.

Why glass racks are like $700 paper clips.

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I’ve started charging my sister plant back for rack return freight, including if the truck is half empty. They’ve quit “borrowing” racks as often.

Logistics Manager

SMART gives you a new level of security,
control and insight into critical assets.

Kacey Weaver

Chief Operations Officer

Diverse background in the healthcare services industry, across sales, finance, supply chain, procurement, and logistics. Most recently, VP of Logistics & Strategic Sourcing, at Universal Hospital Services. BS in Biological Engineering from the University of Missouri, and MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Andy Gustafson

General Counsel

Corporate law expertise in M&A Faegre Baker Daniels LLP in Minneapolis and Mayer Brown LLP in Chicago. Most recently served as In-House Counsel for General Mills’ external supply chain division. BS from Northwestern University and a JD from the University of Minnesota.

J. Andrew “Axe” Axel

Chief Financial Officer

20 years of experience in capital markets, including managing public stock offerings, private placements of equity and debt, and advising buyers and sellers in merger transactions. Career focused on investing in, and advising, companies pursuing disruptive technologies. Helped finance over $2B in transactions as an investment banker in Silicon Valley and served as SVP at Mitsubishi Finance. BA from Dartmouth College.